About MNLY

About the Brand

The number #1 subscription for the modern day young professional and entrepreneur.

MNLY was started with one goal in mind, to help high performing men reach their peak via access to the world’s best health and performance products for men. Founded by Luke Hartelust, athlete, serial entrepreneur, business coach, and overall high performer, MNLY helps to unlock potential and drive performance with every box.

MNLY collectively curates subscriptions to help entrepreneurs improve their personal and professional performance through strong brand partnerships with market proven products.

Every product that is placed in our subscription has been trialed and tested by our team so every time your MNLY box lands on your doorstep, you know there's nothing but quality inside.

In a world where information is boundless, choices are endless, and there's a clear need for the truth - we are here to serve.

The brand mission

We unlock potential and drive performance

At MNLY, we are driven by three core values: Purpose, Passion, and Performance. With these values, we’re inspired to help modern men reach their peak performance in all facets of life, from the gym, to the board room, and beyond.

By providing high-performers with a subscription box of proven tools and resources for success, we aim to level up what it means to be a man, and unlock the potential of all men around the world.


Everyone has a purpose, but it’s those who reach out and fulfil that purpose that end up achieving greatness. MNLY aims to embolden the men who understand their purpose and make moves to optimize their wellbeing. We want fulfil our purpose and achieve greatness.


We respect and appreciate passion for not just the great times, but the grueling times too. Whatever pushes us closer to our own success is hard work, and we live every second of it. We’re committed to providing the tools to help men live their own passion.


The benchmark for our success, in every category. Whatever it is that we want, we can see success in performance, and we aim to continue raising the bar to what’s possible. With MNLY, we reach new heights every day providing the best products to men, enabling them to peak their performance.

Behind the vision

Meet THE founder: Luke Hartelust

serial entrepreneur & ATHLETE


Innovator, Operator, Leader. Born in Australia, Luke Relocated to the U.S. in 2016 to scale a new fitness concept in the Southern Californian market acting as CEO for the group's portfolio for the past 6 years.

“I became obsessed with the process of optimizing myself and my team's personal and professional performance.”

I was constantly recommending products, tools and resources I use to stay more consistently in a peak state to clients, friends, family and individuals connecting with me for guidance. I realized there's a disconnect between what's currently on the market and what men actually know is out there to help them perform better in everyday life.

We created MNLY to serve every man in their pursuit for their ultimate potential,  a purpose driven subscription company that sources the market's best tools and resources to help men improve their personal and professional performance.

With over 6 years of in-depth business knowledge in the health and wellness space Luke now  acquires strategic partnerships where he works with industry leaders to develop exciting impactful projects.

We only work with the best