The Whole Man Subscription
Optimized for your DNA, lifestyle, and goals - a twice daily stack of supplements, nootropics, and functional compounds
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Discover what your DNA has to say about your well-being, and how your genes can help guide certain supplemtation and lifestyle choices.

  • Over 23,000 epigenetic biomarkers tested
  • Helps determine optimal supplementation
  • Guides lifestyle choices for best performance
  • Informs which foods to avoid, minimize, or enjoy

30 day supply of morning and night capsules.

Your supplement capsules house a unique formula made just for you, including a combination of vitamins, herbs, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and food extracts to provide targeted support for your cells and microbiome, providing a foundation for total body health.

Note that dosing varies per customer and is based on your test results to match your unique needs for biological functions that need support.

Your test results will help determine which nutrients will make it into your formula to address underlying triggers of microbial imbalance, inflammation, and other symptoms you may be experiencing.

You'll have information to truly understand the current state of your health, we’ll highlight optimal activities and suboptimal activities and functions that need extra supplement support. Your food list will include a unique list of foods for you, including Avoid foods, Minimize foods, Enjoy Foods, and Superfoods.

We’ll consider the unique nutritional needs your body has on a molecular level.

Your results will help determine your formula's ingredients and their dosage. Each formula is completely unique.

When it comes to the ingredients you choose for your body, it is important to consider what you need and why you need it.

Each ingredient in your formula will come with a description and education to support why this ingredient was chosen for you.

Your recommended ingredients are designed to optimize microbial activity and boost cellular functions so your cells can do their job.

We use your health scores and biological data to inform your formula.

We further refining it with

  • Your questionnaire
  • Current medications
  • Allergies you report

Our innovative manufacturing enables us to update your living formula with special requests, new test results, or improved ingredients.

Your recommended ingredients are individually dosed, mixed, and shipped fresh to you each month.